Second Chance Recovery Inc. - Home - North Port, FL
Second Chance Recovery Inc.  - Helping to restore lives one day at a time.
           Welcome to Second Chance Recovery Inc.
    Welcome to Second Chance Recovery Homes, we are
 committed to providing you a positive, safe, and clean home to begin your new life. Your experience will be filled with fun, recovery, education, and patience. This will enable you to have the structure to begin a new life free from addictive substances. It is our goal to help you get prepared for life's challenges and to begin a new way of living that promotes integrity, self-awareness, compassion and team-work: essentials to your new life.
    Second Chance Recovery Homes is a spiritual based, structured living environment and you are highly encouraged to understand, living in Second Chance Recovery Homes is a privilege, which requires the highest expectations in recovery living. In order to remain sober for life, it will take your sincere desire and commitment to reach the sanity you always wanted in your life. Here a serious program of action is vital to your success at Second Chance Recovery.
    Second Chance Recovery Homes is a place where you will find peace, structure and recovery as the core values of your everyday living. It  is our hope the structure provided in our homes will benefit you throughout your life, Here, you will be encouraged to capture your life and become the principle-centered person in which we all have the abilities to live by.
Take this opportunity to use this home as a stepping-stone towards greater successes in your life.

Where your sanity begins:
  Second Chance Recovery Homes is a Spiritual Based 12-step program of action Home; in a structured, safe, clean and nurtured atmosphere. We are committed to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed in permanent sobriety.
   Here you will be encouraged to capture your life and live it out of your imagination not your memory. The sanity and peace you will find in our home is unmatched by any other continuing care home around.

  A large part of our success depends on you.We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit business so your donations make it possible to reach out to people and offer them a safe and rewarding pathway to sobriety.  
   No matter how small or how large your donation is, we promise it will be used to help return these hurting individuals to a sober, useful member of our communities.
   Thank you in advance for your help.